• Everyone loves the family pet, but no one loves to clean up after them…. We Doo! They Poop… We Scoop!Rotating photos of dogs we've cared for.
  • Most dog owners don’t think it’s important to clean up after their pet. But most people don’t know about all of the viruses, bacteria, and parasites that are lurking in their dog’s feces. These biological hazards are not only a threat to your pet, but also your family! Parasitic eggs can survive for years in your yard before hatching.
  • Please see this flyer from the CDC – What Every Pet Owner Should Know about Roundworms & Hookworms
  • Pet waste is not fertilizer! It contains harmful chemicals that will kill your lawn
  • One pile of dog waste takes over a year to break down
  • On average there could be 100 piles of poop per dog each month. That would be equivalent to 15-30 lbs of waste per dog each year. There are over 53 million dogs in the United States, which produce 6.3 billion pounds of poop per year
  • More than 10 million gallons of water containing fecal contaminants from human and animal sources, flows into neighborhood storm drains every day, polluting our environment and eventually contaminating our drinking water aquifers too! Check out our Environmental Concerns Page